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Delivery, Ordering, Voucher, all in one platform

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All in one App

Through our proprietary app you can place an order in store, ask for delivery, arrange a time to pick up your meal and pay via voucher or e-payments all at your convenience

Multi Platform Integrations

We have the ability to integrate with platforms like: Alipay, Wechat and more. The app is able to work with a single Qr code. Customers can choose any platforms to utilise their coupons

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Customer Preference Analysis

We are able to identify users, understand customer preferences and user history. With historical order data, you will get a perfect understanding of your consumers through an AI Engine

Individual AI Recommendations

The platform is able to provide recommendations based on their preference of the individual

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Combo and Add-ons

Support multiple combo and categorisation, assigns price and add-on price for each item. Customised combo ready. Dishes and combos with customizable ingredient option ready

Flexible Time Period Configuration

Supports time-based Menu. Zone division menu for product management.

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