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Making Bubble Tea Easy

This machine provides outstanding taste and quality with standardized production. Drinks can be repeated over and over again, making it labour efficient. Customers can personalise their drinks.

Automated Bubble Tea Machine

Recipe Matrix

Our creative team takes time to understand your brand. With our package design services, we have presets of various levels of ingredients to suit your consumers needs. From strategy to implementation, we've got the answer.

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Production Flow

With processes and standardisation in place, we ensure quality drinks can be replicated over and over again. We make bubble tea fuss free, with the same speed and premium quality regardless of rush hours.

Realtime Monitoring & Inventory Tracking

With real-time monitoring, we ensure that operations run smoothly and efficiently. The machine will automatically update when there is shortage of ingredients or expired ingredients.

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Food Safety Control

An automatic cleaning plan will be configured around the guidelines of Brand's Food Safety Policy.

Backend Management

We assist you in planning for materials required based on past orders and trends.

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