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Enterprise Digital Display

Omni-channel your products

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Cloud Based Architecture

Built using the latest technology to support both SME and Enterprise customers. 

Multi-brand Support

This software is designed for large scale enterprise groups which can control different brands in the same HQ. Screens and content in HQ are centrally controlled to flexibly control different stores or store groups.

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User defined organisation level

It support user defined organisation hierarchy with unlimited number of levels.

Flexible & Easy to manage

The screens can be grouped by position and be managed at store level for flexibility. The content can organised in multi dimension configurations (org-chart, store, store-group, screen

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Dynamic media & content

Manage media content, menu & catalogues. It supports dynamic content to interact with customers.

Limitless number of screens

Seamless scaling to support multiple number of screens.

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One Key Deployment

One key deployment to control multiple screens at multiple locations in real time

Open Integration

Able to integrate with ANY POS System and take into account product pricings, promotions, sold out items and inventory

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Design Templates

Let us support your needs and requirements. So simple. Our system supports unlimited numbers of layout templates and rich multimedia format.

Ad Hoc Promotions

Enable Store or HQ managers to make immediate ad-hoc changes to prices or time-based promotions.

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