Above the Clouds

Kiosk Ordering Platform

Omni-channel your restaurant


Kiosk Hardware

Just like your standard Kiosk:


Wall Mountable


Not like your standard Kiosk:


Easily removable

Easy maintenance


Multi-Lingual Platform

Multi-lingual ready on the backend platform as well as the front-end application. English and Mandarin are default languages. Other languages can be added.


QSR Kitchen

Fully integrated to QSR advance kitchen platform 

Marble Surface

Customer Preference Analysis

We are able to Identify users, understand customer preferences and user history. With historical order data, you will get a perfect understanding of your customers through out AI Engine

Combo and Add-ons with flexible configs.

Support multiple combo and categorization, assigns price and add-on price for each item. Customised combo ready. Dishes and combos with customizable ingredient option ready

Individual AI Recommendation

The platform is able to provide recommendation based on their preference of the Individual 

Flexible time period menu configurations

Supports time-based Menu, Zone division menu for product management.